The story of Cristin Sposa, like all the most beautiful stories of love, began a long time ago, thanks to the creative inspiration of a designer who in the golden years of Italian Haute Couture knew how to create with her hands in her splendid authentic jewel atelier masterpieces of style that made the happiness of every bride in love. But every good story that is fortunately respected today no longer reports the words "The End" at the end, indeed continues to be told today by the one who in that magical atelier has grown, surrounded by fabrics, colors, embroidery and lots of creativity.

So from mother to daughter, the atelier of Alta Moda Cristin Sposa continues to be a splendid business reality all Italian and all female, in the sign of a continuity of style and style that really makes the difference in the world of wedding.

Only here you will find clothes designed to make every bride not only the most beautiful, but also the happiest. The smile is in fact the most precious jewel that a woman in love can exhibit in the most romantic day of her life and feel as beautiful as a princess just in the dress that has always dreamed since childhood. Little women grow, in fact, and what was the distant and passionate desire of a child is transformed into the magical and unrepeatable emotion of a woman ready to swear eternal love to her lover, wrapped in a special creation and one of a kind, designed on fit for his body and his personality. Because, if the silhouette of the dress is perfect, so it is also the mood of the bride who will feel perfectly at ease in a creation designed specifically to make her feel the most beautiful among the beautiful. Today Cristin Sposa in the city of Potenza combines his creations with a romantic and rigorous allure, in which everything is harmony and beauty, a special collection of high fashion bridal dresses designed to be unique in an absolute sense just as true haute couture requires: no other bride will wear the dress chosen by this collection will be hers and only his forever, as everything is his and only his forever on that day so unique and special.

Precious Italian fabrics, refined embroideries executed strictly by hand, perfect cuts and stitching as well as surprise effect details capable of making absolutely stunning even the most rigorous and minimal tailored dress, give the bride who relies on Cristin Sposa the certainty of finding the perfect dress to enhance its forms, making it feel beautiful at the same time and at ease and, naturally, seducing at first glance the future groom and striking sensational all the audience of guests.

Cristin Sposa's designer wedding dresses represent true love and love, you know, is rich in nuances so deep and complex as feeling and just to express this idea, in addition to the classic white, ivory and pastel shades of rare beauty and femininity like wisteria, Cristin Sposa does not hesitate to propose to her brides wonderful fire-red dresses, the color par excellence of passion.

In the Atelier Cristin Sposa for every bride there is the perfect dress because every bride is, first of all, a woman with completely personal tastes.

Respecting the uniqueness of each woman is the true mission of the quintet Atelier Cristin Sposa whose young designer, with her hands firmly holding the reins of her brand, shows, from the collection to the collection, not only class and savoir faire, but also a lot of amber for women tout court who only want to make them happy.

In fact, thanks to her innate experience and sensitivity, she knows very well that in her atelier there will always be many different women entering, all united by a dream of love.

From the romantic and bon ton bride, who prefers classic lines to those who love to play with seduction and glamor, thanks to studied transparency games up to those who want to feel like an authentic princess or a Hollywood diva without forgetting all those spose that, thanks to the latest iconic inspired collection in the eighties, they loved to exhibit sculptural and important volumes like a grand soirée. And the list could go on, because every woman is unique and unique is every creation by Cristin Sposa, modern, elegant and firm.

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